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Booming medical marijuana businesses continue to grow in the Valley

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“Currently, you’re surrounded by a lot of Double Dream, a lot of Blue Dream. We have Amnesia Lemon Haze growing right now. We have Girl Scout Cookies,” said Drew Wilmeth.

I haven’t transported you back to college. Drew is a master marijuana grower working at one of the five marijuana cultivation facilities up-and-running in North Las Vegas. He gave me a tour of his operation Tuesday.

“What we are growing in this room right now is cleaner than any head of lettuce, or any produce at your grocery store right now,” said Wilmeth.

He works for a cultivation facility called Waveseer, located in a secure section of the Apex Industrial Park, off I-15. The plants being grown inside are destined for the company’s medical marijuana dispensaries in Henderson and North Las Vegas.

To get inside, we had to wash our hands. We had to walk through a disinfectant bath for our shoes. This place is clean. Really clean. It should be since it’s growing marijuana that will be used for medicine.

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