Harvest would be nowhere without the employees, shoppers and neighborhoods that, together, make up the Harvest Community. The more we learn about the positive impact we have on local areas and individuals, the more inspired we are to widen our influence beyond the walls of our stores. Our ever-growing network of community outreach and involvement includes:


Harvesting Hope is a non-profit organization that provides a better quality of life for young children suffering from pediatric epilepsy. To date, Dr. Troutt, Harvesting Hope’s Executive Director, has provided services to over 100 families and their children, including guidance on cannabis use for seizure control, educational seminars and discussions, and introductions to medical specialists. Harvesting Hope has also raised and distributed over $30,000 to families requiring financial assistance. To make a donation or to learn more click here. (link to harvesting hope site)

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Since 2013, we’ve donated over $500,000 to charitable organizations, veterans, seniors, and patients-in-need. We do everything we can to support like-minded organizations and will continue charitable outreach in all Harvest communities.


Education is extremely important to us both internally and externally. We ensure our staff is highly knowledgeable so our customers have the confidence they’re getting the absolute best care. Our education process has three stages:


In addition to being up-to-the-minute on cannabis trends and news, Harvest founded the Medical Marijuana Research Institute to ensure we’re leading the conversation on cannabis research.


Every Harvest employee undergoes a rigorous training program that includes weekly staff meetings to ensure everyone stays up to speed on the latest cannabis advancements, and is well qualified to recommend solutions for individual customer needs.


Whether you’re new to cannabis or a longtime user, our highly trained staff will help you find the products that are best for your unique needs. As a customer, you’re invited to learn cannabis basics at our New Patient Orientation seminars held monthly.

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