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Harvest Poised to Save Maryland Town

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Harvest’s proposed cultivation and processing facility would provide much needed jobs and revenue for a town long suffering from economic depression.

Nestled outside of the hills of Flagstaff, a quiet, little horticulture business is growing marijuana and jobs.

Harvest is an Arizona-based company that employs dozens of workers in Tempe and Flagstaff and is now looking to expand to Maryland.

“We’re a fast-moving industry,” said Harvest CEO Steve White.

Medical marijuana is now available in 23 states.

The current value of the legal marijuana market is $2.7 billion. That’s a 74 percent increase over 2014.

Harvest’s business is doing what it can to keep up.

“Each and every month it feels like something new comes around since this industry is moving so quickly,” employee Brett Souraf said.

Souraf is one of 20 employees who work at the cultivation plant in Flagstaff. He started with an entry-level position and within just a couple of years was made a manager.

White said there will be more opportunity for growth as the company continues to expand.

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