We, at Harvest, are building the most valuable cannabis company in the world, with a client-first focus. That commitment begins with our quality product lines, built through meticulous product testing, resulting in best-in-class products. We’ve been recognized for superior quality with 9 dispensary awards and 5 product awards. Our quality extends through our retail experience, with our commitment to providing strong customer service and support.

What we believe



Harvest holds the largest market share in Arizona, and we have strong presence in 10 other states. We are on track to have 100 dispensaries in 14 states by 2020. We have plans to continue expanding throughout the United States and abroad. Harvest has been awarded licenses in every state it has sought licensure. One of our core strengths is in identification of appropriate dispensary sites, from initial identification of the site, through zoning review, negotiation, and leasing of highly sought-after locations.


Our investment in the cannabis industry goes well beyond the reach of our stores. We stand committed to quality from cultivation through our retail experience. From our product development through our patient-focused Harvest-funded research and advocacy, we believe that cannabis is a valuable palliative agent for patients and a legitimate experience for social users. As states move to legalize marijuana, Harvest will be there to help aid in acceptance and public education.


Harvest prides itself on being good stewards of our investors’ capital, providing the greatest possible value to our shareholders. We continue to optimize the process from growing to distribution, with vertical integration that supports our highly profitable model. Through our expertise in design, construction, system implementation, and operational management, we deliver with production costs of less than $1.00/gram and industry leading margins.


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