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Medical Marijuana Nevada’s Growing Business

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Longtime Las Vegas businessman Andrew Jolley had a successful career in real estate and, by his own account, was never interested with experimenting with drugs such as marijuana. Fast-forward to 2016, and Jolley is running a pretty elaborate—and legal— medical marijuana dispensary, cultivation and dispensary operation.

Just how did this real estate entrepreneur turn into a marijuana mogul, of sorts? As Jolley explains, the process began in 2001, when he lost a lifelong friend to an accidental death from prescription drugs at age 27.

“He was misprescribed a very powerful prescription drug. He took half of the recommended prescribed dose, and he died the first time he took it,” Jolley recalls. “And, he was previously taking medical marijuana, and he had to travel to California to get his medicine—legally. It made it a hardship for him.”

That personal tragedy reinforced Jolley’s support for using cannabis for medical uses.

“I have always believed that medical marijuana can help people,” he recalls of his late friend. “I saw the impact it made on my friend’s life. And ultimately, he died partially as a result of not having access to medical marijuana.”

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