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When you visit Harvest, you visit a home. A safe place. An uplifting setting free of judgement or pretense. A place you feel comfortable asking questions, getting help and being yourself without exception.

Whether you’re new to marijuana or a longtime user, our expertly trained staff will guide you through our vast range of products to find the solutions that work best for your specific wants and needs.

At Harvest, we deliver the most welcoming marijuana experience, period. When you’re here, you’re home.

How to Get Your Card

Requirements for a medical marijuana card

  • Patient must be 18 years of age or older, or have a legal guardian register as your caregiver
  • Have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license, Pennsylvania identification card, or passport
  • Have an Pennsylvania residential address
  • Experience a qualifying medical conditions:

Medical Marijuana Caregivers

When completing your application in the Medical Marijuana Registry, you may also designate up to two caregivers to assist you in obtaining medical marijuana. You may designate a spouse, a parent , or even a friend. Patient under the age of 18 are required to have a caregiver. Caregivers will also have to register for the medical marijuana program and all caregivers must complete a background check before being approved. You can find more information on registering as a caregiver on the department of health website.

How to get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania

  • Register for the program through the Medical Marijuana Registry
  • Have a physician certify that you suffer from the qualifying medical condition
  • Pay for a medical marijuana ID card
  • Get medical marijuana from an approved dispensary in Pennsylvania

1. Get Registered

The first step in getting medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is getting registered. To register for the medical marijuana program, you must create a profile in the Medical Marijuana Registry through the Department of Health website at:
This profile includes basis information such as your legal name, current address, and contact information. To register for the medical marijuana program, you must also have a PA driver’s license or and ID card issues by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

2. Get Certified by a Physician

Once you have registered in the Medical Marijuana Registry, the next step is to have an approved physician certify that you suffer from a qualifying medical condition. Approved physicians also have access to the Medical Marijuana Registry and will submit their certifications directly to the system. A current list of qualifying physicians can be found at the PA Department of Health website.

What Does it Cost?

Certification centers charge a fee for certification. Please contact the certification centers for prices.

  • The state charges a $50 fee to process medical marijuana cards
  • If you require medical records, the charge is typically $35-$50

Patient Resources

For more information, please visit


Q: Are you Hiring?

A: Yes! We’re always looking for top quality talent to join us. Click  HERE to view our available positions. As we continue to grow and expand, we will continuously update all available positions, so please check back for new listings.

Q: How to Invest?

A: We are currently on the Canadian Stock Market; also known as Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). You can find us on https://thecse.com/ under the symbol HARV.  You can also find us on the OTC under the symbol HRVSF.

Q: When are you opening a location near me?

A: We are just as eager as you when it comes to opening new locations! Stay up to date with the latest news by subscribing to receive Harvest emails and text messages.

You can subscribe for updates on any existing location page. Go to the location nearest you (go to your State and then click your nearest loction) and subscribe there. We will let folks know when other nearby locations open up.

We appreciate your patience and support!

Q: I have my patient card in another state, does it transfer?

A: Unfortunately, no. We are not allowed to accept out of state patients.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We cannot accept credit cards at this time. We do have ATM’s available onsite at all of our locations.

Q: Can I purchase CBD at Harvest without if I am not a medical patient ?


Arizona Yes
California Yes
Florida No
Maryland Yes
Pennsylvania No

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